A sustainability PR & Communications Agency that helps you getting from zero to 100 in brand responsibility

ARS17 is a strategic PR and brand consultancy with expertise in sustainability.

Founded in Copenhagen in 2019 by Asbjørn Riis-Søndergaard, ARS17 is helping companies with PR, communications and branding based on sustainability and social impact.

The founding ambition is to drive more businesses towards having a NET POSITIVE planetary and social impact, without compromising economical factors.

The Five Pillars

1. We only work with responsible brand 
2. We believe in regrowth based on circularity, donut-economics and sustainable profit business
 3. We want a world based on renewables, responsible consumption, equality and fairness
4. Our overall mission is to improve social and planetary impact related to business and lifestyle
 5. We want everyone to live good, inspiring and meaningful lives

About the founder

Asbjørn Riis-Søndergaard (b. 1988) has a background in Philosophy & History and has worked with PR and communications for brands such as Marc Jacobs Intl, Velux Foundations, Microshade, Boholtgaard and Urban Rigger. He is an expert in sustainability and social impact and a highly requested public speaker. In 2019 he founded ARS17 to help companies with strategic turnovers focusing on sustainability, green transition and social impact.

Asbjørn Riis-Søndergaard moderating a panel debate about sustainable business
(Photo: Søren Langkjær)

“ARS17 has helped Tribe Takeaway with solving different communication tasks.
The positive approach, professionalism and their abilities to deliver results, makes them highly recommendable to work with"
- Kasper Nikolaj, CPO TRIBE

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